Dan-like-logoWhat would Dad do?

Suppose Dad was going to create the greatest hangout spot in the world.

• Would he have more than a hundred craft beers? Check.
• Hard-to-find sweet seasonal brews on tap? Check.
• Juicy burgers seasoned with goodness and grilled to perfection? Check.
• Signature dogs and beloved favorites on the menu? Check.
• Comfortable for friends and family? Even your little brother? Check.

Welcome to Dad’s.

Well, that’s what Dan, Steve and Erich set out to do. Of course, the trio had spent some quality years working together at a certain hot dog and beer joint in Monroeville. That’s when they came to the conclusion that they could shape a bar and restaurant with the beer they love, the food they love and the people they love to hang out with. And so Dad’s was born. In its first year, Dad’s has become a favorite hangout for many who stumbled in for the very first time. We hope to be your favorite spot, too.