Our current beer list, as of 5/25/18

Beers on the Lighter Side                                                     

Stella Artois                                 euro-pale lager

Labatt Blue                                 canadian lager

Fat Heads Bumbleberry          blueberry wheat

Full Pint White Lightning           belgian white

Rhinegeist Bubbles                             fruit beer

Quinn Brewing Forth and Clyde       scotch ale

Hofbrau Maibock                                 amber bock

Great Lakes Elliot Ness                       amber ale

Breckenridge Avalanche                    amber ale

Sierra Summerfest                             czech pilsner

Rhinegeist Hugh Heffe                      heffe

Dogfish Dragons & YumYums          fruity ale

Bells Oberon                                         wheat ale

Destihl Blueberry Gose                       blueberry sour

Beers on the Darker Side                                                

Guinness Draught (nitro)          irish dry stout

Voodoo Wynonna Brown               brown ale

Sierra Nevada Stout                        west coast style stout

Full Pint Drinking Partners          porter

Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald     porter

Southern Tier Pumking                   pumpkin imperial

Breckenridge Irish Stout                 NITRO stout

Boulder Nihilist                                 Barleywine

Left Hand Chai Milk Stout               NITRO

Unibroue Maudite                              Belgian double

Pale Ales and IPAs

Fat Heads Head Hunter           american ipa

Oscar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale         american pale ale

Pizza Boy Murren River               american ipa

Sierra Hoptimum                                imperial ipa

Troeggs Perpetual                               american ipa

Wynridge Double IPA (Nitro)         double ipa

11th Hour Cult Logic                         ne style ipa

Rivertown Hazy Morning                  hazy ipa

Neshaminy Creek Not the New IPA


Yuengling Lager                                 amber lager

Miller Lite                                  “monroeville light”




* Please note: Things change. Just like the change of seasons and fashionable hemlines, beers come and go. We’re sad to see the ones we love go, but we’re happy to meet new ones. For the FRESHEST beer list, please check us out on Facebook, where updates are made regularly and the conversation is lively.


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